5 Common Franking Machine Mistakes

Franking machines are awesome!

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5 Common Franking Machine Mistakes

These are five franking machine mistakes people often make…

1. Wrong item. While it’s unlikely you’ll leave your hand in the slot and frank it by accident, there may be the odd occasion where you’ll frank the wrong item by mistake.   In this instance, there is no refund… sorry.

2. The Wrong date. If you frank your mail with the wrong date, simply put a line through the mistake in blank ink only, then change the date on the franking machine and set postage to nil. Then re-frank on the reverse of the envelope, or frank a label but don’t cover the original postage paid stamp, just the incorrect date.

3. Missed the last post. If you miss the last post, simply follow the same procedure by re-franking with the following days post date. Or if its urgent, you can use a late posting envelope but this can’t be used for more than 30 letters. This mail can be put in a post box that may have a later collection time.

4. Too little postage. Did you not pay enough postage? On the odd occasion this mistake does happen, add another frank with the difference to the bottom left hand corner. Or frank a label with the extra amount and place it on the envelope to the left of the original franking mark, so its clear the extra amount has been paid.

5. Too much postage. Do not post it unless you don’t require any reimbursement. Start again with a new envelope and send the unused envelope or label to the Royal Mail. However you have to wait until you have made enough mistakes to claim £10.00 or more back, but keep in mind you do have 6 months to send.

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