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Frequently Asked Questions about Franking Machines

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Frequently Asked Questions about Franking Machines

Compare Franking Machine Prices

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Compare Franking Machine Prices

It takes less than 60 seconds

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Frequently Asked Questions about Franking Machines

Curious about Franking Machines?

What is a franking machine?

A franking machine is a machine that automatically marks your mail as postage paid without the need of traditional stamps.

They can weigh, calculate and print the correct postage onto your mail or onto a label that you can affix to a parcel.

How does a franking machine work?

This is a very simple five step procedure.

1. You put the letter or parcel on the in-built scales so the machine can calculate the weight.

2. Select the size of letter or parcel (this can be done with a handy guide provided), and then select the class of service required.

3. Add the message you want to appear on the letter or parcel. This is a neat way to promote your company for free.

4. Place the envelope or label into the slot provided and it will then be franked with postage, date, company logo and even your message if required.

5. You are ready to post your mail.

Are franking machines cheaper than stamps?

The simple answer is yes, this is why businesses use them. As long as you are spending around £70 or more on postage per month, you could make savings of up to 50% by using your own franking machine.

Is using a franking machine good for a small business?

You may think a franking machine is only a good idea for large scale companies, mainly those producing 100´s of letters a day.  However, a small business can also benefit from using its own franking machine, if they´re spending more than £70 a month then significant savings can be made.

Plus you can get your staff to concentrate on the things that make money and promote your company, rather than lose hours of their time at the post office.

Additionally,  you can promote your company and enhance your reputation with your customers because of the professional look your franking efforts provide.

How can franking machines save money?

These are financially testing times for all kinds of businesses, large or small.

It’s sensible business practice to reduce expenditure and running costs. And with Royal mail putting the price of a first class stamp at 67p on the 26th March 2018, this was unwelcome news for businesses and a spur to cut costs.  Introducing a franking machine into the office does just that! Franking machines communicate with the post office rates and then calculate a substantial discount on a per item basis.

Can I send recorded delivery?

Yes you can! Depending on your model of franking machine, you can select ´Royal Mail Signed For´ or ´Special Delivery´ before choosing the class of your mail when franking.

Can I send parcels?

Yes you can! You weigh the parcel on the scales then print the label to affix to it.

How many letters can I post?

As many as you like, depending on the agreement you sign up for.

It’s best to calculate your maximum mailings per day before choosing a franking machine.

If you post less than 30 letters per day, you can have a special pouch to place them in and put in the letter box insuring best service.

If you are mailing in high volume there will be a collection service arranged by the post office.

Do I need a phone line to work a franking machine?

No; if you have wifi you can be digitally connected which is faster and more reliable than analogue connections.

Can I rent a franking machine?

Yes you can, and this is a popular choice for many businesses.

If I rent a franking machine is there a minimum contract term?

Yes there is, and most companies leasing franking machines have a minimum rental term of 12 months or more.

If I buy a franking machine is there a warranty?

Yes, the standard warranty provided is 12 months but this may be extendable.

Can I arrange a trial period before I commit to purchasing or renting a franking machine?

Many franking machine suppliers will offer a trial period if requested.

Do franking machines need servicing?

As with any machine, to ensure it’s working correctly it needs to be serviced. If you lease or rent a franking machine on a contractual basis, it will be serviced and repaired at regular intervals. Royal Mail terms require that franking machines are serviced on an annual basis by an approved provider.

Are there any hidden costs involved in buying a franking machine?

Packages sometimes don’t include the price of ink, annual service, labels, and/or any mailing supplies you might need. Many times this is why companies like to rent and get these items included.

What happens if the Royal Mail put up postage prices?

This will be advertised and your franking machine communicates automatically with the post office to get reliable pricing.

How many types of franking machines are there?

There are many different types of franking machine on the market that can suit the individual needs of your business. This varies from large machines used for high output to smaller models for more modest uses.

How do I choose which franking machine?

Tell us your mailing habits and type of business, and we make sure our franking machine suppliers will provide you with the best quotes that meet your needs.

How can I get the best price for a franking machine?

The costs and charges are not transparent on the internet, which is why you need to compare franking machine providers. This ensures an informed decision is being made and there´s pricing transparency across the market. However this is time consuming, and that’s why we can arrange your quotes for you at no charge.

Do you need a licence for a franking machine?

Yes. any business or person using a franking machine must have a licence.

Can I use my franking machine straight away?

As soon as you have your licence, post away!

Where can I get replacement inks and supplies for my franking machine?

Your supplier can provide details for maintenance, inks and supplies along with a customer support line.

What happens if my franking machine breaks?

Support will be part of your package that will be detailed to you upon quotation.

Can I get VAT back on my franking machine?

If your business is registered for VAT, and sells taxable goods or services, then you should be able to reclaim the VAT through your VAT return.